This is the first stage of manifesting the desires of our heart, it is your minds way of making those desires real.

Release dreams are personal and serve to release thoughts and emotions and fears gathered up during the days or weeks prior. These are the odd and random dreams. You don’t wake up with any emotion with these dreams.

Message dreams are rich in symbols, they seem random but are all connected. They have animals, numbers, names of people and things that are specific and you can remember when you wake up these odd but very specific symbols. These are the ones that are fun to go look up and learn.

Real dreams are given as a way for you to live experience and learnings or ideas to practice something so you will get over fear, or best of all show you what is possible and open your mind to what can be. These dreams you wake with all the emotion as if you just lived it and you remember these dreams.

Visions are like real dreams but you can have these while you are awake as well. They are like a movie in your head, you might not be part of the story like real dreams but there as a by stander just observing.


The FIRST thing to do is write them down. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. If you want to receive more dreams, then record them regularly. This is a way to show that you are grateful for what you have been given and ready to receive more.

Keep a dream diary as you don’t make sense of the journey you have taken unless you have a longterm record of your dreams. Go start writing down ones that you remember and give them a title so you can find the dream you are looking for later.


Animals in dreams also carry specific messages, like numbers. Pay attention to how they act with you in the dream, if they bite you, if they are aggressive or gentle. Then google the “meaning of the dream.” I look at 5 different sources and see what the same underlying theme is with ALL of them. I do not just take one for its word, so read a couple. There is also a great book that has been spot on for me that you can go look up right after you have had a dream. It is called Animal Speak, it is a great reference guide.


Pay attention to names. Names have meanings and messages by themselves. It is a way to get a larger meaning or message out with one word.


For the message dreams and being able to find out what the message is, look for patterns for repeating numbers and google “meaning of numbers….” and sources will come up to teach you. Numbers will also pop up all around you during that day, like every time you look at the clock it’s a certain time. On receipts, or time you receive texts, if there is a number that keeps repeating itself to you- go look it up and find the message!


There are angels who have been given the specific job of creating our dreams and the symbols. If you want to dream more, ask for them. Ask for the messages you need to receive, release the things you need to let go of and ask for guidance of the relationships you need to heal. Dreams help us become the best versions of ourselves and healthier people. Happy dreaming!

Loving yourself

There are two different sides to this: creating change in others and creating change in ourselves.  If a person is not allowed to gain understanding and allowed the right to choose to improve then the change will not last.

There is a “ground zero” to creating lasting change. You start here at this “ground zero” to create the lasting change in others and in yourself that you want. Ground zero is fully accepting the present conditions.

Start at a foundation of accepting who and what you are today, right now, the dark and light, the health and sickness, the “bad” and “good” parts of you (and others) today. You have to move into LOVE for all that you are, all that they are in the here and now. Once this shifts and you love the present duality of yourself and others, you can then move into a space of improving.

We really can only improve ourselves. Others are not our concern. Your job is to apply the ground zero principal and accept everyone for who and what they are right now. It is not your job to change them UNLESS they ask for assistance and advice.

How to create lasting change in ourselves.
There are two sides to this coin:

  • You choose to change for others, for what is “acceptable” or “right” or to make them happy.
  • You want to change for you and improve as a person.

1/ Changing for others: – There is a couple of problems that arise with this one. I have found this is not being your authentic self. This creates several problems for you…

First, you will never be the person you want to be. You will never be the person who you are meant to be. Which means, you will not do the things you were sent here to do, the purposes for which you were sent, the reasons for which you were created.

Second, you may be able to make those changes for a long time, but you never come to find yourself and that means you will never experience a fullness joy in your life. A fulness of joy comes only when you are your true authentic self. Changing for others only delays you in fulfilling what you are meant to do, and who you are meant to be.

In this scenario, you are trying to be something you are not which will not create a lasting change.

2/ Changing for you: – After you have gone through the journey of ground zero- we can then move on to change the things we want to improve about ourselves. Write down a list of things you would like to work on and improve, and then start with ONLY the top one. Work on just this one until it shifts and then move to the next.

If you skip the step of starting at “ground zero” then you are simply beating yourself up. You will get frustrated and more angry that the changes are not happening and then beat yourself up some more. You get frustrated that you are wasting your time and trying everything and seeing no results. The same goes for weight loss. Strive to be the healthiest version of yourself and your weight will follow on its own. Again, you have to start with loving yourself in the now, weight, health and all.

Getting Rid of Masks – When you choose to improve for yourself, you shift into this space of not caring what others think about you. Now you are not changing for anyone else, you love and accept yourself for who you are and you know you are on a journey to find the best version of yourself. This is a very freeing process. The freedom that comes from just that shift is worth it. Get rid of your masks and:

Just be you! Allow yourself to be free of the masks and being different with different people. Do not make changes for others or what others want. This can actually improve your relationships.


  1. For the people you want to keep around, they will love you for who you are because they are in the mindset of “ground zero” as well. They will stick around and accept and love you for who and what you are and want to be. They will love you through the changes.
  1. Those who do not accept you will leave and shift on their own without you having to do anything. They just wont come around anymore, they won’t call anymore.
  2. The people around you may shift. You can have an affect on them and they will start to match your energy. They will go through changes as well all without any conversation or you doing anything. This can greatly improve the relationship.

We meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  When you shift or change your behaviour or responses, others will shift too. It may not be in the direction you want them to shift but it will force the outcome and force the change that is for your highest good to occur. In this journey you will be tested to see if the changes you are making are really what you want. Old habits will rear their heads, experiences will keep coming up, until finally it is done and a new equilibrium is reached. In In learning to accept yourself, you learn also to accept others.


  1. Break down the façade and face your own darkness. Be vulnerable and face it. Part of you will die and it is painful. It takes courage to face your darkness. But once you are through it and face yourself, you will find a freedom and Pure Love.
  2. Make a list of all the things you hate about yourself, all of the things you have tried to change, hide, cut out and ignore. Go through this list, one by one, and start to love yourself anyway. See yourself through a different light, that the darkness is there for a reason. Work through each of the things you hate about yourself until something shifts, and then move to the next. Start coming to terms with each one, study them, ponder, and see it as a lesson to learn something.
  3. Question your beliefs about yourself – separate the facts from the imagined and beliefs. Is there evidence for these negative aspects you believe are true? It helps at this point to have a mantra you can repeat over and over when your mind chatters too much or starts to slip into the negative voice again. The mantra drowns out the ego, the negative voice in your head and it breaks the pattern of thinking negatively. Throw in some positive thoughts every day and write down 5 things you like about yourself until you have trained your rain to seek out the positive instead of the negative. This is called ‘cognitive behavioural therapy and you can do it all in your head.

How to accept Yourself

Accepting all of yourself for who and what you precisely are, actually has a bigger purpose. The goal of becoming one with yourself, is to then be able to become one with others. Once your Yin and Yang are balanced and you have become one with yourself, you are then able to become one with another.

A person cannot come into unity with another if he is at constant war inside of himself. This is the goal of being your true and authentic self.

If you want to become one with your spouse, you must be one within yourself. If you want to become one with Jesus, you must be one with yourself. You cannot love and be one with others fully if you hate your own flesh.


Having Charity for others is like having compassion. Charity is a Pure Love. It is different from liking someone, or loving someone, having sympathy, or even compassion for another. Charity is the next level up, because it comes from a higher power beyond yourself and not from you. Receiving the gift of Charity is the greatest gift to receive, it is completely selfless and it never fails because it comes from an unfailing Source. If you were to have everything and had not Pure Love, it would all be for naught, and we would be nothing.

Receiving this gift is one thing, but it does not come with a manual of how to apply it. The first person this gift should be applied to, is yourself. Just like when you fly and they tell you if the oxygen mask drops down, you should put on your mask first and then help those around you.

If a child can have a pure love for you in spite of everything, why cant you love yourself in spite of it all? As you are open with them to others and display to the world only your true and authentic self. This is where those dark things about you will become strengths.

You will then be able to be a strength and help others with the same problems you have. You will find strength in unity and find support because they know your darkness and you know theirs. We will then all be able to help each other and stop judging.



Physical benefits of DANCING
  • Boosts Memory
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Reduce Stress
  • Diminish Depression
  • Help Your Heart
  • Lose Weight
  • Stabilize and Gain Better Control and Balance
  • Increase Energy
  • Make Friends
  • Dancing and music raise the vibration of the atmosphere around you, including the people in that atmosphere. When people participate in dance and praising, they raise their vibration.
  • Miracles happen when the frequency is raised and everyone joins together in unity.
  • Thanksgiving is frequently in association with dance, and one of the main purposes.
  • Joyful praise and beautiful music were thought to invite and invoke God’s presence and the spiritual realm-those beyond, to come to this earth and dance together with us.

Connecting with spirit 


Your intuition is your “gut feeling” and is actually more real than we understand. Gut health is very important for your intuition to be strong, when intuition is strong, it’s easier to connect with the spirit more effectively. Our intuition is the little voice inside helping us, it is the voiceof our spirit. By developing it and making it stronger we are able to connect with all that we are.

Here are four ways to connect and hear the spirit:

  1. Clairaudience. This is a clear hearing of messages. You have a highly sensitized ear perception. Maybe audible outside of your being or in your head, you can hear what is trying to be communicated to you. Your ears may be fine-tuned to hear the frequencies of things around you like music, TV, computers and all electronics. Hearing things that are beyond the normal frequency range of hearing. You may tend to get more headaches because of this, but you can hear good things like sounds, music, messages on a higher frequency level, from the spirit dimension.
  2. Clairsentience. This is clear feeling. This is empathic understanding or feeling of impressions through feelings in your emotional body. Emotions are the messages. When an angelic being or spirit in present, a feeling or keen awareness is perceived and emotions can be relayed through these impressions. You may be able to feel the emotions of others, not just emotions but the thoughts and intents of another’s heart. Being able to feel the energy and emotions in things like stones, colours, art, trees, plants and such. You feel and receive through your emotions. It is important to have balanced heart health.
  3. Clairvoyance. This is a clear seeing or sight and getting things through visual cues. You can see the energy around you or see pictures in your mind when you ask questions. If you are a clairvoyant, you receive messages best from the spirit in the form of inner sight. You are highly sensitive through your mind’s eye. Images like symbols, objects, colours, people, scenes, stories, visions, dreams, auras, chakra energy centres, or angels. You may be able to see imbalances in energy and sickness in the body.
  4. Claircognizance. This one is about a clear knowing. This individual receives impressions such as precognition, inspirational thoughts, and complete ideas. They just know things. You do not know how you know it, or yet can explain it but inside of you, you know things and do not know where they came from. It is an inner knowingness. These types of impressions can come through inspirational speaking, writing, and all types of creative art, even dancing.


Breathwork can also be spiritual. When you practice, you can move beyond your body and mind, and connect with your core spirit—your Self. In other words, you can remove your ego and connect to your true Self and the Universe. Many people who practice breathwork experience spiritual awakenings or attunements to their inner being.

Try this: Next time you practice breathwork, focus on the spirit:

  • Feel the universe filling you with air on your inhalation.
  • Experience the life force (prana) flow through you.
  • Allow yourself to make space for this energy within yourself.
  • Feel how this energy connects you with a deeper part of your Self.
  • As you exhale, send the energy to all the living things around you.
Styles of Breathwork

Breathwork has its roots in ancient eastern practices. Some focus more on the altered state of consciousness than others, but they all can help with self-awareness and inner peace. The three most popular types of breathwork are:

  • Pranayama
  • Holotropic
  • Rebirthing

1. Pranayama

If you practice yoga, you will likely be familiar with this breathwork practice. Pranayama is about controlling (yama) your breath (prana) for positive effects. By controlling your breath, you can move past emotional and energetic blocks that hinder the flow of your life force.

2. Holotropic

Holotropic breathwork is a practice often accompanied by intense music and led by an instructor guiding a group of participants. It involves inhaling and exhaling for the same amount of time at different speeds to induce an altered state of consciousness.

Holotropic therapy has its roots in LSD therapy but is the drug-free alternative, where the main intent is to produce mind-altering experiences. People often experience visions, uncontrollable spurts of emotions, and muscle cramps. At the end of the session, you would share your experiences with others in the group and are asked to draw a visual representation of your experience.


3. Rebirthing

Rebirthing breathwork is grounded in the idea that you carry residual stress from your traumatic experience of birth. Through this type of breathwork, it is believed you can allow yourself to release any emotional baggage and trauma that occurred during your birth.

The practice involves using circular breathing and often lying mostly underwater to create a state of relaxation that allows for pent-up stress, which has been stored in the body since birth, to be released. Through conscious breathing, instead of simply breathing air in and out, you can transform it to instead move energy.

Breathwork can go beyond the incorporation of breathing during your physical yoga flow and can be a powerful therapeutic practice. If you decide to explore its benefits, talk to an expert in that practice, and try out different styles of breathwork to find the one that best works for you.

The chakras (energy centres)

Our bodies crave the foods they need if we really listened. This is our spirit talking. Our bodies are made up of physical and spiritual. There are seven major energy centres that are in our spirit bodies. These centres are called chakras. We were created as spirit beings before we were made physical ones. This means our spirits health will affect our physical health in this dimension. So what you eat does affect your spirit and sometimes what you are craving is your spirit talking. These centres run straight up your body starting in between your thighs and up to the top of your head.


These energy centres each have their own colour, sound, element, musical note, and so much more. They each have different responsibilities in connection with our health and emotions. Look and see what colours the foods are that you crave the most and which centre they go with. If you gravitate toward certain colours to wear or eat it is because of the chakras. The chakras all spin in a clockwise direction and look like one ball that is set inside of another one. They are a certain size and the energy comes out in front of your body and out the back of your body.

Different than your Aura, which is like the bubble that sits on the outside of your body. These energy centres reside inside of your body, although they do work together with the aura. Their energy comes from within and expands outward in front of you, and out of the back of our bodies. The charkas can get overactive or underactive in their energy and this will cause different physical health problems.

Keeping the balance

A person who does Reiki can tell if the chakras are out of balance. They can do this by feeling the energy or by using a pendulum which spins according to the direction of the energy flow. Each chakra aligns with different parts of the body therefore it is possible to tell which organs are out of balance.

Here is a list of the areas of the body aligned to the7main energy centres or chakras:

Root Chakra

  • Physical issues: Constipation, lower back and sciatica pain, issues with legs, feet, knees, groin, hips.
  • Underactive: underweight, poor discipline/boundaries, depression, lethargy, fear of change, feelings of not belonging.
  • Overactive: craving unhealthy foods, paranoia, aggression, addiction to adrenaline activities, hoarding, material fixation, overeating, dominant behaviour.

Sacral Chakra

  • Physical issues: fertility, urinary system, spleen, gallbladder, kidney, menstrual, sexual dysfunction, lack of flexibility, reproductive disorders, deadened senses.
  • Underactive: lack of passion, lack of desire, sexual repression, poor social skills, unemotional, guarded, self-deprivation.
  • Overactive:compulsive behaviour, tension, frustration, excessive sex drive, hypersensitive, emotional dependency.

Solar Plexus

  • Physical issues: depression, intestinal or digestive disorders, hypoglycaemia, eczema, acne, food allergies, stomach problems, pancreas, liver, eating, diabetes, chronic fatigue.
  • Underactive: lack of self-trust, weak will, poor digestion, low self-esteem, unable to take any responsibility, unreliable, victim mentality.
  • Overactive: need to be right, overly aggressive, bossy, competitive, self-centered, narrow minded, power hungry.


  • Physical issues: shortness of breath, arms, circulation problems, lungs, heart disorders, asthma, immune system.
  • Underactive:possessive, antisocial, shy, judgmental, fear of getting hurt, fear of relationships, feelings of loneliness or being unloved, suspicious.
  • Overactive:jealous, poor boundaries, overly empathetic, overly sacrificing, clinging, overly concerned, co-dependency.


  • Physical issues:throat disorders, voice, jaw or TMJ, nasal area, teeth or gums, neck, oesophagus or tonsils, ear issues, irritated sinuses.
  • Underactive:poor rhythm, fear of expression, weak voice, fear of expression, fear of offending others, suppressed feelings, shyness.
  • Overactive:gossiping, excessive talking, inability to listen, stuttering, loud or dominating voice, tendency to interrupt.

Third eye

  • Physical issues:scalp and hair issues, vision problems, headaches and migraines, mental illness, seizures, neurological disorders, personality disorders.
  • Underactive:difficulty seeing future, lack of imagination, visions problems, poor memory, denial, inability to plan or set goals, narrow minded.
  • Overactive:nightmares, obsessed with psychic vision, hallucinations, paranoid, difficulty concentrating, tendency to space out.


  • Physical issues:migraines, brain issues and tumours, cognitive delusions, dementia, autoimmune disorders, epilepsy, coma.
  • Underactive:lack of belief in higher power, learning difficulties, sense of separation and isolation, trouble trusting the universe.
  • Overactive:confused, overly intelligent, dissociation from the body, spiritual addiction, overly concerned with humanity.

You can use …sound, aroma, positive mantras, I AM statements, food, gemstones, and especially colour. Use the chart above and choose what you want to balance with. Focus on that chakra, surround yourself with the colour and things you pick to balance it. You will feel it when it balances out, and the physical will also improve.

Since each chakra has responsibilities over certain organs you can ascertain which energy centre is having a hard time. And if that energy centre can be brought back into a balance, that physical health problem can heal twice as fast.

Raising your vibration


Vibration is our unique personal energy frequency or energy signature. It is the state of our energy at this moment as a result of all beliefs, emotions, experiences and interactions we have accumulated. Our vibration is directly affected by both the external such as our environmental factors and lifestyle choices, as well as the internal such as our thoughts and beliefs. Hence, it is essential for us to take care of ourselves on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to maintain high vibration.


As multidimensional beings (or light beings) comprised of a physical body (which is nothing more than a solid form shaped by tightly packed energy particles) and energy bodies, the higher our vibration, the faster the particles vibrate in our energy field and the more balanced and fulfilling we find our lives to be.

All dis-ease is the result of energetic imbalance in our energy field. Feelings and actions of joy and love register on a much higher vibrational level than those of fear and anger. When we are constantly immersed in higher vibration, we automatically feel lighter, more nourished and intuitive which drastically enhances our quality of life. This is the age-old truth that positivity reduces stress and increases joy and life span.

Our thoughts, words and deeds are nothing but energy that cause a ripple effect in the field. The vibration of our inner experience dictates the creation of our individual realities by attracting like-energy. The universe is always matching us with people, opportunities and circumstances of similar vibration of what we give off, so the higher our vibration, the more our realities will reflect that same vibration back at us. This is the basic understanding of law of attraction.

Raising your vibration

There are many simple and practical ways to raise our vibration that can be done during any time of the day. The key is consistency. The result of incorporating these activities into our daily routines and practicing them as often as we can is much more profound and long-lasting than an occasional attempt once every two months in the hope of being able to alter the outcome of an upcoming


Physically through

Diet: Eat a healthy and balanced diet. We are what we eat. Certain foods such as organic fruits and vegetables are naturally higher in frequency than processed, fried and sugary foods. Keeping ourselves well hydrated and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule all play important roles in our vibration.

Movement: When we move our bodies, we move our energy. Exercise, dance, yoga, Qigong, walks in nature, these are but a few ways for us to move our bodies. Sometimes when our creative juices dry up after having sat at our desks for hours, simply by taking a walk in the park can bring inspiration.

“Feel Good” Acts: Anything that makes us feel good raises our vibration. Laughing, singing, hugging, getting a massage, hot baths, playing with animals and gardening, the list goes on and on. Remember, anything that brings us feelings of love and joy is high frequency! The practice of love, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others goes a long way for our vibration. When we are engaged in being of service to others, on a biochemical level, a hormone called oxytocin which lowers the blood pressure is released not only in the giver, but also the receiver and those who witness the act. Perhaps this is the reason why “kindness is contagious.”

Emotionally through…

Being Authentic: We all know happiness raises vibration. However, if someone is in the midst of depression, merely by saying to the person to feel good is equivalent of telling someone to calm down when the person is highly anxious – it usually doesn’t work.

Many of us hold the belief in order to not attract what we do not desire, we must not allow ourselves to feel emotions we deem negative such as fear, rage, depression, guilt and shame. The truth is, what we resist and repress tends to have the loudest mouths. We cannot lie to energy and force our vibration to be high when a large part of us feels angry or sad just as sweeping tons of stuff under the carpet and hoping no one notices backfires quickly.

A better strategy would be to use those emotions as barometers to identify the root causes of our unhappiness and deciding what we can do to change ourselves hence our emotional responses. This does take some time but the effects go a long way.

Self-love: Loving and nurturing ourselves unconditionally works wonders for our vibration. Being selective with the company we keep is one of them. When we are in the company of those who appreciate us for who we are, all those involved feel good about themselves. Also, not too many of us pay attention to the “emotional food” we feed ourselves which includes anything we watch, listen or pay attention to that stimulates and triggers an emotional response.

Mentally through…
Change the Stories We Tell: Filtering the stories we tell about ourselves and the world around us is a crucial way of eliciting desirable thoughts and emotions in ourselves. If our belief patterns consist of a lot of judging, blaming and shaming, we can bet they’ll lower our vibration. The good news is, we can choose our beliefs as simply as we choose our foods. Our brain can unlearn that which is no longer in alignment and adopt beliefs that bring desirable outcomes into our lives. When we take ownership of our beliefs, we are committing to ourselves to telling only stories that serve our growth and evolution.

Switching to Positive Thoughts: Sandwiching a negative thought with two positive thoughts is a quick way to get out of the mental funk. Thoughts of gratitude usually work fastest.

Spiritually through…
Meditation: Among all spiritual practices that make us feel calm and loved, meditation is probably one of the most popular ways of instantly raising our vibration. It is well documented that meditation does wonders on all levels of our being. One can easily enter a meditative state by doing virtually anything such as washing dishes, appreciating a flower or painting a picture. Any time when we are losing ourselves in the present moment, we are entering a meditative state. Similarly, prayer has the same effects on our vibration.

Energy Healing: Holistic healing modalities such as Reiki, sound therapy, crystal therapy, acupuncture, herbs and aromatherapy all work directly with our energy field by opening our channels, introducing our bodies with universal life force energy and transmuting lower frequency into higher vibration. They are deeply restorative and bring about greater sense of calmness and relaxation.

Grounding, Aura and Chakra Cleansing: Grounding, aura and chakra cleansing are also great techniques to raise our vibration. They can be done by visualizing a white light entering our crown and cleansing everything as it passes through our bodies. Eventually the light carrying everything we no longer identify with is released into the ground. Additionally, one can visualize expanding the light inside of our heart centre and place ourselves in a loving light beam everywhere we go so we do not take on unwanted energy from our environment.

Like everything, the more we commit ourselves to integrating these little acts into our lives, the easier and more natural they become and the more we are inclined to practice them when we reap the benefits of our effort. Making it fun and sharing it with others are great ways to keep everyone in a high vibrational bubble.