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The Benefits of Using Natural Cleaning Products

  • The benefit of using safer cleaning products is that you’re not exposing your children, your pets, and yourself to the chemicals that can disrupt multiple systems throughout the body and have potentially negative health effects.
  • Many of the chemicals utilized in traditional cleaning products are known to have a biological effect on the body, impacting the hormone, endocrine, respiratory, and immune systems. They can be inflammatory, and/or affect your genes, and/or predispose you to cancer. (Christian Gonzalez, N.D., a naturopathic doctor and non-toxic living expert).
  • It’s already known that cleaning product fumes may trigger attacks in people with asthma, but they can also induce the development of asthma and other respiratory problems in otherwise healthy individuals.
  • Children are far more vulnerable to chemical toxicity, as their bodies are still forming and growing. There are a growing number of childhood illnesses that trace their origin to chemical irritants. Pets are also at risk; when they walk through a freshly washed floor that’s been cleaned with chemicals, they’re likely getting the liquid on their paws and they lick their paws.

The average household will have approximately 250-300 chemicals in the form of cleaning products, garden products, handyman products or detergents. Some of these chemicals have such severe acute toxicity, they necessitate treatment in the emergency department for chemical burns or accidental ingestion. A medical colleague of Dr Sandra Cabot who specialised in autopsy, told her that the most common chemical toxin found in cadavers was detergent.

We are exposed to an overwhelming number of chemicals/ toxins every day which enter our body via ingestion, inhalation or absorption through the skin.

  • Disinfectants: Often contain ethanol, formaldehyde, chlorine and ammonia and can cause organ damage and depression.
  • Multipurpose cleaning products: Linked to dermatitis, rashes and chemical burns.
  • Carpet cleaners: Can cause loss of appetite and dizziness in the short-term, and liver and central nervous system (CNS) damage in the long-term. Perchloroethylene, often found in carpet cleaners is a known human carcinogen.
  • Air fresheners: Purposefully sprayed into a confined space, the aerosolised particles enter the blood stream quickly through the lungs and can cause nerve deadening and release chemicals inside the body that can damage the heart muscle. They can also cause allergic lung reactions.
  • Chemical perfumes: The contents of a parfum or fragrance in any commercial product including the fire-retardant materials in your sofas and in your clothes do not have to be included on the ingredients label. Therefore, it is free license to manufacturers to add whichever chemicals they like. Avoid products which have these labels on the ingredients Even products advertised as “green,” “natural,” or “organic” emitted as many hazardous chemicals as standard ones

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