DIY Natural Pain Relief Salve

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From arthritic and gout pain to joint pain and strains, this pain-relieving salve will keep you moving so you can do all that needs to be done.

Three Simple Ingredients

Beeswax to thicken the salve and keep it in place on your skin. Many communities have a bee farm. This would be the best place to source some pure beeswax. Alternately, a local health food store or online supplier can sell you some.

Carrier oil to aid absorption. Use what you have on hand. Olive oil works great. Sunflower, coconut, almond, or peanut oil are also good options. I would avoid mineral oil because it is a petroleum biproduct.

Medicinal herbs and spices are the active ingredients. There are many options to choose from including ginger, lavender, or mint which help reduce pain and inflammation.

To improve circulation to heal and heat up sore areas, hot pepper flakes and/or cayenne pepper can be used.

Bay leaves and black pepper are a fantastic combination to gently relieve overstressed, sore muscles.

The magic combination of cinnamon and cloves helps to numb painful areas and increase circulation while working as anti-inflammatories. You can also add turmeric for an additional anti inflammatory boost.

Two Ways Of Getting Medicinal Ingredients
Incorporated Into Your Salve

Infuse Pain-Relieving Ingredients Into Carrier Oil

This is the easiest and least expensive option. Essentially, in a clean jar, place herbs and spices of your choice and cover with carrier oil. Let infuse for 1 to 4 weeks. Check on the infusion regularly. Stir occasionally. Strain.

Ratio: 1 tablespoon dry herbs and spices or 2 tablespoons fresh herbs and spices to 2 ounces carrier oil.

Or Use Ready-Made Essential Oils
Using essential oils in the salve can be a convenient way to get the pain-relieving properties of herbs and spices deep into sore muscles and joints.

Ratio: 5 to 10 drops essential oil to 1 ounce carrier oil.

• 1-part grated beeswax
• 2 to 3 parts infused carrier oil
• Glass or metal sealable container

Step 1:

Grate beeswax

Step 2:

Put beeswax directly into salve container. This step avoids any waste or mess.

For larger batches, you may wish to put ingredients into a double broiler or pot and gently melt together and then pour into desired containers.

Step 3:

Then, cover grated beeswax with infused carrier oil.

Step 4:

Place container in a very warm place such as on top of the wood stove or carefully on a stovetop element.

Step 5:

Allow ingredients to melt together. Gently stir

Step 6:

Finally, put in a cool place for about an hour. Allow the mixture to harden.

This salve is impressively non-greasy. It is great to carry with you. It does have a low melting point so ensure the container does not leak if you are out in warm weather.

Important Survival Uses

Tight muscles:

At the end of a long day rub salve into tight, overworked muscles to relieve pain.

Sore joints:

Help relieve joint pain throughout the day by massaging salve directly over sore joints.


Strained muscles in the arms, legs, back, and shoulders can ruin a day. Place salve directly on strained areas and keep immobile for an hour or two, if you can. Repeat, as necessary.


Sprains can be more serious. Start with salve on and around injured area. Making a splint or using a tensor bandage may be required. Ensure to never cut off circulation. Acquiring further first aid research or knowledge may be necessary.

Sore feet:

In any survival situation, taking care of your feet should be of utmost priority. At the end of the day, rub pain-relieving salve on your feet so you can be ready for anything tomorrow.

Low-back pain:

Another sure way to ruin productivity, low-back pain can range from annoying to debilitating. If available, have someone massage salve into low back areas. If possible, stretch the area during the massage to allow the active ingredients to penetrate even deeper.

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