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Dishwashing Liquid with Castile Soap

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  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1/2 Cup Liquid Castile Soap (use sal suds if you have hard water)
  • 1 tbsp Washing Soda – to thicken the soap
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil, lemon or lavender oil (optional)
  • 16-ounce spray bottle (reuse an old one)

Add essential oil and castile soap to spray bottle and top off with water.  You can add 1 tablespoon to a sink of warm water or spray one time on each dish to wash individually.

Dishwasher tablets (Makes 3 ice cube trays)

  • 1 cup washing soda
  • ½ cup sodium percarbonate (oxygen bleach)
  • ¼ cup citric acid
  • 20 drops essential oil (lemon, lime, grapefruit, DoTerra on guard)
  • 2 tbsps water (only if you plan on filling ice cube trays)
  • 3 ice cube trays
  1. ​Add washing sodasodium percarbonateand citric acid to bowl
  2. Add citrus essential oil/s, then mix and use spoon or spatula to break up any clumps
  3. Spray water into mixture, stirring as you add the water. Don’t add the water too quickly or the washing soda and citric acid will fizz and react too much – slower is better
  4. Stop adding the water once the mixture is the consistency of slightly damp sand.  The mixture should clump together when you squeeze it but fall apart if you drop the clump into the bowl. If it’s too wet, don’t worry, you can add more washing soda to dry it out. If it’s not wet enough, spritz it with a little more water.
  5. Scoop the mixture into the ice-cube tray and scrape off excess.  Use the back of a spoon and your fingers to firmly press the mixture into the mould
  6. Leave the tablets to dehydrate completely and harden. This will take 2-3 days until the powder has hardened in the trays. Any excess powder can be kept in an airtight container and shaken every week or so to stop it hardening. Use this loose powder while you are waiting for the cubes to dry.
  7. When they’re completely dry, pop them out of the mould and put them into an airtight container

Laundry soap (powder)

  • 1 laundry soap bar (Castile, Fels Naptha, Zote, Sunlight, Vetiver)
  • 2 cups washing soda
  • 2 cups borax
  • 1 cup bicarb soda or sodium percarbonate (Oxy bleach)
  • 20-30 drops essential oil (optional – Oils of lavender, tea tree, lemon or orange)
  1. Finely grate the soap bar using a cheese grater.
  2. Add the shredded soap bar, washing soda, and baking soda to a large mixing bowl.
  3. Stir until well combined
  4. Add in essential oils.
  5. Store in an airtight container.

Use 2 tablespoons per load. This soap is safe to use in high-efficiency washers. Store in a half-gallon glass mason jar and keep a tablespoon measuring spoon in the container to make it easy to measure.

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