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Burn Rate

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  1. The burn rate is the amount of wax consumed in grams per hour by the wick. The lower the burn rate number, the less wax will be consumed.
  2. Before lighting the candle, use a scale to weigh it in order to find its total weight. Then light the wick and let it burn for three hours (assuming it’s a three inch diameter candle). Weigh the candle once more. Now you can calculate the burn rate.
  3. Assume you have a 16 oz candle and after 3 hours of burning it weighs 15.5 oz. This means that 0.5 oz burned in 3 hours. Divide that by 3, so in 1 hour 0.16 oz burned away. Now take your original total weight (16 oz) and divide that by your per hour burn rate (0.16 oz). This will give you your total burn time of approximately 100 hours.
  4. If you are calculating the burn rate of a container candle, you must account for the weight of the container also. Before you pour the wax, weigh the container. Then weigh the container again after pouring (be sure the candle is completely cooled). Subtract the empty container weight from the finished candle and this new weight is your total weight of the actual candle.
  5. Finished candle weight – Empty container weight = Total weight
  6. When you have your total weight, burn the candle for three hours and follow the directions above.

Use this guide:

  • Container candles: Low melting point
  • Moulded candles: Medium melting point
  • Taper candles: Highest melting point

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