About Lisa

Lisa is the founder of Little Bottle Tree. She is a wife, a working mum, a qualified teacher/trainer, Reiki Master, masseur and reflexologist. Her interest in natural therapies started in 1996 when she returned from her 1st year teaching in New Orleans, USA. A few rounds of strong anti-biotics compromised her health which led Lisa down the path of alternative medicine.

Originally from Northern Ireland with an Irish father and an Australian mother, Lisa grew up in a war-torn area in the 70’s. She was a primary teacher for 10 years there before moving to Australia in 2004 where she did office work across 7 different industries for 14 years. She returned to teaching and training in 2018. Lisa completed diplomas in Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Bach Flower Remedies and Reiki in Ireland. She did an Indian Head Massage diploma in Sri Lanka before returning to complete her Reiki Master level in Ireland in 2009.

Lisa has been living in Melbourne since 2004 and moved to Sunbury in 2018 with her partner Daniel and two young kids. She teaches Reiki at the Centre of Well Being, Sunbury upon request and works casually as a primary school teacher when she’s not doing workshops and being a busy mum.

Lisa’s goal is to empower others to simplify their lives, reduce their toxic load and live more sustainably which in turn reduces household budgets and helps the environment. She understands that our lives are already busy and therefore her approach is one of balance with practical, flexible solutions. She shares the easiest recipes, explains the ingredients, offers lots of ideas, workshops and treatments all aimed to help you find a healthier balance. Lisa is not affiliated with any other companies.